Isadore Arthur Kamień

November 16, 1882–May 24, 1962

Worshipful Brother Isadore Arthur Kamień (Worshipful Master in 1913) was the sixth Master of the Lodge. He was the son of Leon Wolfe Kamień of Poland and Rachel Reichnberg (b. 1858 in Mark√∂bel, Germany–d. 1912 Greenville). In 1904, he and his father, Leon, partnered to open a store, called Kamien's, which is still in operation today. The Kamieńs became noted philanthropists in Cleveland, donating land for the first Methodist and Baptist churches. His maternal uncle was Emil Seelbinder, who served as the Worshipful Master of the Lodge the year before. He is buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Greenville, MS.