Emil Seelbinder


Worshipful Brother Emil Seelbinder (Worshipful Master in 1911 and 1912) was the fifth Master of the Lodge. His wife Sophie Reichenberg (1865–1947) came from a Jewish community in Marköbel, Germany, in 1881, and later married him in 1889 in Durant, MS. He and she operated a dairy farm near Cleveland. Sophie's sister Rachel was the mother of Isadore Kamień, who was the following Master of the Lodge. He was initiated while the Lodge was under dispensation in 1905, and was passed and raised the following year. He served as Junior Deacon in 1907 and 1908, Senior Warden in 1909, Senior Deacon in 1910, and Worshipful Master in 1911 and 1912. He is buried at the New Cleveland Cemetery.

E. Seelbinder