About Our District Deputy Grand Lecturer

James Brett Daniels, DDGLThe District Deputy Grand Lecturer is a skilled ritualist whose primary duty is to ensure that brothers of a particular part of the state (which is called a masonic district) produce the correct words and actions in the course of ceremonies and degrees. He works with masons who are learning their own degrees and with brothers who are preparing to perform the rituals of Mississippi freemasonry. Our current District Deputy Grand Lecturer is James Brett Daniels (pictured right), who is originally of Cleveland Lodge. He is responsible for the correctness of the rituals in the lodges of District 11, of which Cleveland Lodge No. 470 is included. Also in District 11 are Greenville Lodge No. 206 in Greenville, Deer Creek Lodge No. 356 in Rolling Fork, Thomas Gaddis Lodge No. 379 in Hollandale, T. J. Catchings Lodge No. 394 in Inverness, Indianola Lodge No. 450 in Indianola, and Belzoni Lodge No. 547 in Belzoni.

Contact Information

Brother Daniels can be reached by E-mail at jbdaniels01@gmail.com or by phone at 662-292-5420.